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What plugins do I need to watch Seinfeld online?

There are two major technologies used to stream videos online and you need to make sure you have them both installed on your computer. The first one is Abode Flash Player and the second on is Divx Web Player. Please make sure you have the latest version of both plugins installed for your browser. We highly recommend using the latest version of Mozilla FireFox for a better video streaming experience.

Why do some videos load slowly and take so long to buffer?

The most common reason that makes videos load slowly is the limitations of the video provider (the third party website that hosts the video). Since some websites are operating on low budgets, their resources does not enable them to cover all the video demands they have and therefore their quality drops. Some bigger, more powerful providers like MegaVideo choose to trap users with a time limit and make them purchase a member ship (which we will explain how you can remove). the bottom line is that there is not much that anyone can do to solve this issue. Try using a different link if you see a video is taking too long to buffer and always make sure to use Mozilla FireFox and not internet explorer.

How can I add my own links to a video?

There is a big green button at the top of the available links in the video page that says "Add Links". Click on that button and the link adder application will load within the same video page. Then you can fill in the form and submit your links for admin verification. Remember that not all links are supported. You need to add links from certain websites which are listed here. More information is provided within the link adder application on how to add links to iWatchNetwork.

How can I rate the links that I watch?

Each individual link has a rating which is displayed right below it. If a link has not been rated, you will see "N/R" which stands for Not Rated. The link rater application includes a thumbs up/down button that allows users to rate links. This will help the iWatchNetwork community by letting others know how good each link is. The thumbs up/down buttons will appear 10 seconds after you have clicked on the link. This delay makes it harder for spammers to cast false votes and makes the voting system more realistic. If a link is broken, you may also fill a link report and let the admin know what the problem is by submitting a short description of the issue. This is particularly useful for broken links or links that are not in english. In this case, click on the flag icon that appears next to the thumbs up/down buttons (10 seconds after you have clicked on the link) to start your link report.

How can I remove the MegaVideo time limit?

You have two options to remove the time limit of megavideo links:

1. Use a firefox addons called illimitux. You may download this addon here. You can learn more on how to use this addon by watching this youtube video.
2. The time limit gets applied when your browser starts communicating with the megavideo server. In order to fix this issue, you need to follow these steps: Once you have opened the megavideo page, press the play button and let the video play for a few seconds. Then press the pause button, and let the entire video to load. When the video is fully loaded, disconnect your computer from the internet, or use a firewall to stop your browser from communicating with the megavideo server.

Make sure to visit the About Page for more information on how works.
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